Being a lazy person, I was doubtful whether i could attend the Sunday session of PEHIA. But i didn’t really know that i will finally end up among a community of developers that i was yearning to join.

There I saw a group of people who had similar aspirations like me. I came there to learn the basics of web development which i had tried to learn on my own several times. Here i was absorbing all the basics in a friendly environment where i was free to ask silly and dumb doubts without any hesitations of any sorts.

More than a teaching session,it was a discussion where everyone was sharing their piece of knowledge.To add more flavor to the situation, everyone was discussing how they ended up in PEHIA ,the need for such a women community and the insecurities they had faced so far.

Here i not just learned about basic html and csh, but was also motivated to do more,learn more, indulge more into the world of tech with these similar minded peeps… I would like to say in future that this is where i started as a develpoper…