That feeling when someone tells you “You’re so much like me” !

The clocked stroked 7. Quite unnaturally I grew restless, maybe more correctly stressful. I suddenly took up my phone and made a call to my bestie Adheetha Ov who was preparing for the exam and was in a more stressful state than me. As usual, one sentence that slipped from her tongue had that magic, “Don’t worry, Lavanya S is a very friendly person!”.
The whole day was full of disappointments as I wasn’t able to figure out what was wrong with my code for my new android app. I hadn’t seen any positivity today.

Yes! I’m going to talk to my mentor for Rethink Foundation’s WIT program. As I glanced through her LinkedIn profile once again, I knew I was gonna speak to someone who hasn’t tasted failure.
Lavanya and I concurrently singed in at the same time. Then there wasn’t a moment of silence. Both were waiting for one to finish enthusiastically. She had told me earlier that she was having exams the next day. So after 20 minutes of conversation, I mentioned her that we had exceeded the allotted time of 15 minutes she told me that it’s alright let’s speak and she had already prepared for the exam. That moment I knew she was a perfect mentor for me.
Each time I heard her voice positivity was embracing me from nowhere. We talked about scholarships, college and above all how we both jump into everything that we saw without a second thought and struggled to manage time.
I started the conversation with a book and pen in my hand, following the tips given by other Cohort 1 participants. But it was very much like getting to know each other like when you meet a new friend when you join a new school. Eventually, we reached a point when we were laughing hard on how our mothers will scream at us for not having the dinner when they call us and will finally tell us we were busier than district collector.
She told me about how she became the Microsoft student partner and thus got a free LinkedIn premium membership and much more. She was actually packing for leaving to the US to attend @Grace Hopper Celebrations 2018.
Whenever I asked her for tips and advises, she was like, “You are on the right track. Just keep going. you will finally reach your goal”. And that gave me a lot of confidence.
So now talking about what I gained from that 30 minutes conversation, it was self-confidence.
And she cleared one of my misunderstandings about scholarships when she told me that she didn’t have a medium account as she wasn’t a good writer. I always thought scholarships are often won by content writers and those who can write and express very well.