The week had gone like a wind. This week I was determined to completely focus on my android project, nothing else. And in that way, I feel like more contented and satisfied as I had my head immersed in node.js, android studio, Mongo DB and of course Java.

I think it’s long that I had done anything to improve my technical skills. And thus, sleeves up, more focus. And like Paulo Coelho said, “ When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I received a totally unexpected mail stating I was selected to the next round of Bertelsmann data science scholarship( Now I’m totally in love with Gmail for giving me such lovely surprises!). Now I had to complete one more project within a week.

Wherever I turn all I could see was “deadlines”. But I’m totally loving “being busy”.

By the end of the week, I got a new mentor for WIT program, Lavanya S. She really inspired me( check out my experience with her ).
As part of our WIT activity, I made a wiki on the opportunity I found. Creating a new wiki was something new for me even though I had edited some before.

Oops, I missed something. I had a video call with during our weekly open house and we decided to take all our cohort 1 participants for GHCI career fest. That’s something I’m really looking forward to.

So I made some important decisions this week:
1.Contribute more to open source. I’ll have to overcome my impostor syndrome.
2.Upload my resume to GHCI career fair as advised by my mentor and friend .
3.As I have the memory of a goldfish, I decided to resume my diary entries so that I can have more detailed TWTW.
4.Focus more on my technical side, because finally, we are what we learn.
5.I always considered emails as a secondary medium to communicate. But now I understood how productive they are. Now I have turned them as my primary communication medium (unless I just want to drop a “hi “ to my bestie) as they document things very well.

Did I implement the decisions that I made in the previous TWTW?
Yes. Last week I wanted to learn something new(in programming) and I had made this week more productive.