TWTW #Sep 3 | Time for introspection

This week was filled with tension and hustle. I’m gonna straight forward tell you the two things I learned this week :

  1. Get your passport , PAN card and cheque book as soon as possible. Even you if you think you may not need them any time soon, you never know when the lady luck knocks your door.
  2. Push yourself to work more. There may be time when you really feel depressed and don’t want to do thing which you even love the most. Just like push starting a car which has suddenly stopped you have to push yourself to do those things. And after a point you will automatically feel more rejuvenated.

This week started by me questioning myself about the things I have done so far. Be it projects, papers, skills. The graph was almost disappointing. So I sat down and made a proper plan to execute some habits that will help in the long run. I still haven’t decided about what I’m going to do next. I’m going for higher studies? If so, Mtech or MS? Or should I work for a few years? Lots of questions going through my head. It almost gave me a headache.

Suddenly my phone rang and I was really mad and was about to cut the phone call. But the number seemed very odd. So I just picked up. The women on the other side started talking in English and asked me my name , college and so on. I instantly knew she was from Women Techmakers. So I asked her who she was . But she eluded that question and continued to ask me more. So I confirmed my doubts. Before she spoke each line I prayed that next word she will utter is “Congratulations!”… But the talk continued for a few more minutes and she was almost like “Ok then!It was nice talking to you”. Oh you call me in the middle of the night and give me hopes and now you are about to cut the call!! What was going on!! Then she broke the surprise and told me “ Hey Anusree! Congratulations! You have finally won the Google Techmakers scholarship!”. Even though I was praying to hear this word from her, when I actually heard it from her I felt some sparkling in my head. Something was bursting in my head , I didn’t heard a single word that she was speaking from that moment. My motor-neural coordination was completely out of order. I couldn’t walk properly and was almost falling down.

Then the following 3 days was a total mess. Running down government offices for the necessary documents starting from passport.

In fact the only proof of my existence was my Aadhar card.

The next few days was completely dedicated to PEHIA. We were revamping PEHIA. Hours was spent on making ideas, connecting them and so on. We were also re-working on our website using wordpress. In fact it was my first time using wordpress. I was always old-school with websites and always made them from scratch.

Me for the first time submitted a bot for review, Toptal scholarship help bot.

Even though I had made bots with dialogflow earlier I never submitted it for review. The idea of submitting a bot for review was like committing a crime for me!

Check out the demo video!

And finally it worked. It was a simple unidirectional conversational bot. I decided to make a bot with python and deploy it in my website.