The week prior to exams… “THE WEEK ” loaded with assignments, project works, presentations and what not. The week in which you rush through your syllabus.
I began to realize that now my opinions and suggestions are getting space. People began to value my words even though I was saying exactly the same thing before. So one major takeaway is that “Tags do matter”. Just like being an IITian gives you an upper hand in opportunities in India, I began to realize that being a scholar rendered voice to my thoughts.
I spent some time tweaking my Wordpress site, playing with APIs. From the very beginning, I wasn’t interested in web dev but that was the thing that I always got to work with. Whether it’s an event in my college, our community, a hackathon etc.. Most often I have to do the UI which I hated like anything as I know I’m a person with very terrible colour sense and designing skills.
I began to analyze why no one asked me to lend a hand in the backend. The answer to this question which I thought was confined to me was an eye-opener. I never thought such a problem existed in the technological world. This wasn’t a problem that I encountered accidentally. In fact, it has grown into large new phenomena called “Feminine and Masculine Technology”. Front end for girls and the backend which needed logical thinking for the boys. In the industry, there is a misconception that girls have more designing skills than logical skills.
It’s time to appreciate the skills, not gender or race.
I decided to pursue more in ML not just to break the above-said stereotype but due to my problem-solving skills and poor designing skills.