On Saturday I had my second call with my mentor Lavanya. Both of us were almost in the same situation of confusion and panic. She has to leave for US and me to Singapore for our respective scholarships and therefore had a pile of assignments to complete in addition to exams. We agreed to have a quick call just to know what had happened in the week before and to discuss more on Outreachy scholarship.
Last week when we had our first call, she said to me “I came to know that you got shortlisted for WTM interview and I’m expecting some exciting news from you soon “. And that indeed came true.
So this time we decided to wrap up our session in 10 minutes. She told me to apply for Outreachy. And the good thing is that she was also applying this time, so more than a mentor-mentee relationship, now we are actually going through a phase of peer learning.
Compared to last year Outreachy had fewer internship opportunities this time. She advised me to contribute to Mozilla’s project as it had a perfect mixture of things that I’m good at like front and back-end development and python.
We both did our registrations and decided to conduct another call soon apart from our weekly calls.
In fact, I decided to conduct a session at our college to encourage girls to apply for Outreachy.